Standard Axles (12 - 13 Tonnes Capacity) with In-board Brake Drum

  1. 5" Round Axle - 16mm standard wall thickness, 19 & 25mm optional wall thickness.
  2. 6" Square Axle - 14mm standard wall thickness.
  3. Twin tyre steel wheel fixings are standard. ISO single wheel and twin tyre aluminum wheel fixings are also available.
  4. Standard track length - 1850mm, other track lengths are also available.
  5. All axles include standard manual slack adjuster, auto slack adjuster is optional.
  6. Bearing size/type : TQ Metric 90-100 Bearing, TM Metric 65-90 Bearing, TN Imperial 2, 5/8" - 90 Bearing, TP Parallel imperial 89.6 Bearing, THU -Sealed Cartridge Bearing
  7. All Axles are available with ABS ready Kits (Optional)
  8. *Coarse thread wheel studs available for India market applications.
  9. *5021G New features, Single Spindle Locking Nut with improved Drum Hub assembly.

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